Fund The

EC77(formerly known as Elusion Clothing) is a minority owned brand and for us, it is much harder to get approved by Banks and Venture Capitalists, so we have taken matters into our own hands and created our own funding platform.

FundTheWxlves is the investment/donation portal for the brand. Our goal is based on our company valuation. We have decided to open up a part of the company to crowdfunding, accepting both investments and donations to help us expand into a major brand. 

We are a woman-owned brand as well which lessens our chance of obtaining funding. Refusing to allow this to hinder us, 17% of the company is now open for the general public to participate in a Revenue Share Agreement, where you will receive a share of earnings quarterly until paid back, with interest.

With plans to re-invest into small businesses like our as well as lend our resources, this a portal where minorities will begin to obtain wealth and shrink the wealth gap. We are doing our part, but we cannot do it without the help of you guys. Any donation as little as $1 is greatly appreciated. 

A revenue share partnership agreement, also known as a profit-sharing agreement, is a document signed by all partners in a partnership that outlines the criteria to be followed when distributing business profits or losses. The agreement may be made as part of, or as an attachment to, a partnership agreement.

We are a full fledge apparel and accessory brand, we are 100% e-commerce based and we are direct-to-consumer. We currently carry everything from t-shirts to suits and are available to men, women and kids.

5 years from now I’d like to have opened at least one flagship location where customers can come see and feel fabrics and garments in face. In 5 years, the brand will be in the multi-millions with revenue and we will have helped launch over 40 small businesses and non-profit organizations.

I’ve always wanted to do fashion, but never knew how to get into it. I love being able to create pieces from scratch and allow the potential consumer to decide what’s best and what needs improvement. Realizing that I could help so many others through fashion alone keeps me going on my worst days. I’m an advocate on giving back. Someone helped me.

The biggest obstacle for us is visibility. The investment will give us money to pay the proper people to put us on a higher plateau. It’s very easy to get “lost in the crowd” on social media. Funding will propel us to a level where we can be seen by a much larger audience, where we can obtain more sales.

There are many competitors, but very few if any think like a consumer. I think that’s my biggest strength. From the customer service to the products we release, I am always asking regular customers for their input because I want to give them what they want most. I think it’s helped me maintain most of them for as long as I have. They’re basically a part of the company.

We make money now, so with investment, we have plans in place to go to the next level. We will ensure that our website is prepared to handle a larger audience, checkout is smooth and easy and we will add more printers and packaging people to the team ensuring that nothing slows down once business picks up. We are ready for this.

We’ve been in business for 14 years now, and still making money in a pandemic. As long as we have true support and funding behind us, there’s honestly no stopping us. We study fashion everyday, looking for the latest and most creative ways to advance, on a budget. We don’t carry heavy inventory either so costs like those, we’ve been able to avoid throughout. Hiring freelance on a lot of the jobs helps us as well.